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Nurture your own magical gifts. DIY Instructions are included + everything you need to create personal intention-infused goodies for your daily ritual!

DIY Earth Magic Bundle

  • Your DIY finished package contains:

    • Prosperity Roller Ball
    • 2oz Good Vibes Linen/Room Refresher Spray
    • Herbal salt sachet
    • 1 Pc Raw Crystal or Gemstone (selections vary)

    Package contents include:

    • Herbal oils to use as bases (pre-infused with herbs)
    • Essential oil blends for scent-selection 
    • All tools (ex. glass bottles, bags, funnels/droppers, etc) provided
    • Dried herbs (ex. chamomile flowers, rose petals, lavender flowers, red clover blossoms, herb variety blends)


    Please note any Nut, Fruit or Flower allergies/respiratory alerts prior to purchasing!

    Pre-infused hand strained, small batch oils are created with care, joy and gratitude for all ingredients and the healing qualities they provide.

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